Become an Instructor

Certification is one of the best ways you can demonstrate your knowledge of and commitment to indoor rowing. It's also an excellent way to gain the confidence and continued business of your members and clients, who want to rest assured that their coaches are properly trained and will provide a workout that is efficient, effective, safe and fun.

UCanRow2 offers indoor rower and SkiErg programs that allow people of all ages, sizes and abilities to share in the physical and mental benefits of indoor rowing. Take one of their training courses and learn how you can introduce your clients to one of the best total body workouts available.

UCanRow2 coordinates several training sessions a year throughout North America. For more information, visit UCanRow2 or reach them by phone at 314.566.4120.

Master Instructors

Master instructors are available to provide tailored train-the-trainer programs for your facility. Master instructors are located throughout the United States to make it as convenient as possible to provide your staff the training they need. To discuss or arrange a training opportunity with one of these instructors, please contact them directly, or for more information contact Greg Hammond at