Rowing for Kids & Schools

Rowing is a great form of exercise for kids in Grades K–12. Concept2 CTS supports your school with programming ideas, online challenges, and curricula.

Why row? Kid's love it! Rowing:

  • Offers a high-quality full-body exercise that is fun and effective!
  • Levels the playing field for all abilities.
  • Promotes lifetime fitness.
  • Is great for all ages.

The Concept2 Indoor Rower is a great, low-maintenance choice for use with kids, schools, after-school programs and more! The indoor rower is:

  • Easy to use, move and store.
  • Requires no external power source.
  • Separates easily for storage.
  • Incorporates technology with the use of LogCards, Online Logbooks, monitor games, and internet or machine-to-machine racing.


School pricing packages are available. View our price list or call 877.887.8014 ext 3069 for details.

The Chicago Rowing Center exposes Chicago kids to rowing.
Kids holding their Kids' Challenge Certificates
These happy kids show off their certificates from participating in our Kids' Team Challenge!
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