What is ANT Technology?

The PM4 Performance Monitor contains an “ANT” chip for wireless communication to Suunto and ANT SPORT heart rate equipment, and also for PC-less racing and future communications with a PC.

What is ANT?

ANT is a digital radio system for small personal-area-networking, similar in some respects to Bluetooth. It is similar in that it uses digital radio on the 2.4 Ghz radio frequency and has approximately the same range (depending on what kind of Bluetooth device you’re comparing it to). It is different in that it uses its own “language” (protocol). It is gaining popularity in the Sports and Fitness markets. For more information, refer to www.thisisant.com.

Why ANT?

ANT provides a reliable digital radio link between equipment in close range (3m or more). It is becoming a popular standard interface between heart rate and other fitness sensors, and is being used by: Garmin Edge for heart rate, Suunto T6 for heart rate as well as running and biking “pods” (speed and distance monitors, and Polar for non-heart rate functions).

How is ANT technology used in the PM4?

  1. The PM4 uses ANT technology to run wireless races. Up to 8 machines can be linked via ANT as long as they are in close proximity to one another. This makes it quick and easy to set up informal races for fun and great training.
  2. The PM4 has the ANT/Suunto receiver built into the monitor. This enables Suunto Heart Rate monitoring without cables or external receivers to plug in, lose, or damage. The range of reception is greater and reliability is greatly increased. A Suunto Heart Rate belt is included with every PM4.

What are the advantages of Suunto technology for me?

With Suunto/ANT HR technology, you will not have to worry about interference from other nearby heart rate monitors, and you will not have to purchase a separate external receiver.

Can I still use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor with the PM4?

Yes! The PM4 still fully supports the Polar technology. Many customers have already invested in the Polar equipment. Polar equipment is readily available. If it is working well for you in your training situation, there is no need to change. www.polarusa.com

Who is Suunto?

From their web site: “Suunto is the leading manufacturer of sports instruments for a variety of sports, including skiing, hiking, diving, sailing and golf. Our strategy is to focus on sports activities where advanced measurement technology, data processing, and specific algorithms can create significant benefits for active participants.” Suunto has entered the Fitness markets with their T6 watch with a multitude of features including tracking of heart rate information, and providing additional workout analysis through FirstBeat’s calculation of EPOC and “Training Effect.” See www.suunto.com and www.firstbeattechnologies.com.